Photographing Children From Around The World

Thanks again to Marty Rubin, Mr. Nothing Profound, for providing another inspirational aphorism…

“I Have No Heroes Except For Flowers and Children“.

Today’s theme is dedicated to those smiley-faced heroes I discover eveywhere on my travels across the globe.

Their natural tendencies toward genuine curiosity, openness, and good-hearted fun allows me easy access to taking their picture. Whether it’s my unique appearance of long hair, beard, and pervasive, amiable (down right goofy) smile, traveling unaccompanied or both that helps me establish that quick trusting bond between us, is anybody’s guess. Could be just one big kid establishing a connection with one little kid. Enjoy!

Nepalese School Children – Nepal


Zulu Children – South Africa


 Guatemalan Kids – Tikal, Guatemala

Guatemalan Kids at Mayan Temple, Tikal - Guatemala

Vietnamese Children – Vietnam


Peruvian Boy – Cuzco, Peru

Peru Boy - Cuzco, Peru

Tahitian Boys – Tahiti

Tahitian Boys - Tahiti

Belizean Children – Belize

Belizean children - Belize

Balinese Girls – Bali

Balinese Girls at festival - Bali

Navajo Children – Gallup, New Mexico

Navajo Children - Gallup, New Mexico

Sherpa Boys on the Everest Trail – Nepal

Sherpa Boys on the Everest Trail - Nepal

Thai Girl – Thailand

Thai girl - Chang Mai Flower festival

Vietnamese Children on Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Vietnamese Children on Mekong Delta - Vietnam

Siona Tribe Children – Ecuadorian Amazon – Ecuador

Siona Tribe Chilldren - Ecuadorian Amazon, Ecuador

Ecuadorian Children in Andes


Nepalese Children – Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepalese Children - Kathmandu, Nepal

Sherpa Boy on Everest Trail – Nepal 

Sherpa Boy on Everest Trail - Nepal


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9 Responses to Photographing Children From Around The World

  1. Wonderful pictures, Mike. The children are so beautiful. Your being able to use my aphorism in this context, makes me twice as happy I wrote it.

  2. Glen Graham says:

    Hey Mike just discovered your blog on Blogcatalog it’s pretty cool. I like the way you captured the warm smiles of the children. It’s not every photographer that has the gift required to take great photos of children. I look forward to seeing more example of your work on your website.

  3. Funkkeejooce says:

    Hello there Mike!

    I’m so happy to see more of your pictures. These are great photos and I have to admit, children make the best models – they are so natural and candid. Not only have you captured their sweet, beaming faces but also their pictures tell a story of their culture which is of course wonderful. I remember this aphorism of Marty and it’s so fitting.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend and I’m looking forward to your “Flowers” post. 🙂

  4. Perfect quote from our pal Marty. What’s so beautiful about these children is their universal smile. It’s beyond race religion, culture or creed.

  5. Beautiful the images. Would be good if we all could retain our innocence until the end of our lives. We would have certainly a better world.

    Great words
    “I have not heroes, except for flowers and children“

    Thanks sharing.
    Peace for you.

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  7. askcherlock says:

    Completely beautiful, each and every photo! These children are the reason we try, try, to make the world a better place.

  8. Oh, these photos are adorable. When a child smiles, you just can’t help but smile back. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Melody says:

    What a lovely way to capture the spirit of childhood. Those smiles transcend race, culture, economics, religion, nationality – and bring a human face to innocence.

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