A few tips of the photographer trade I’d like to share with you.

  1. Light is the most important component in photography and second is composition.
  2. Patience is a virtue, in Nature photography as well as life.
  3. You should spend whatever time it takes to get fully engrossed in the subject to the point where you’ve looked at every possible way of taking a particular image.
  4. When it comes to having an eye for composition, some things can be learned and some things just come naturally. One must develop an intuitive sense of composition.
  5. Focus on the elements of color, pattern, composition and light to design powerful personal images.
  6. The best landscape images actually change the way we perceive the world around us and our place in it. It is this that changes landscape photography from a pastime to a lifelong passion, as we make the transition from looking to seeing.
  7. During those special moments, you feel you’re in touch with the Creator.
  8. A photograph can be technically perfect, yet still lack the components necessary to bring to life.
  9. Questions to ask yourself: what makes a photography memorable and how can I express what I see more creatively.
  10. At the heart of any good photograph lies a passion for the subject. Try to develop the natural eye first and then bring a camera up to it.

Outdoor Photography Tips of The Trade:

  1. Use slower speed film in good light for sharper picture.
  2. Use faster speed film for low light conditions.
  3. Use a camera hood to block out ambient light for a sharper picture.
  4. Tie your shoes before you run through the desert for that perfect sunset picture.
  5. Watch the sky (cloud movement) to determine when the sun’s rays will appear.
  6. Try not to rush your shot (unless you’re being chased by a bull).
  7. Carry spare camera battery.
  8. Review all angles, all possibilities befoer taking that special picture.
  9. To increase depth of field: Use higher f-stop setting (f11, f16, etc.)
  10. Did I mention not to rush your shot? Patience, patience, patience.



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