Photographic Meditations

A wonderful aspect of art forms is their ability to cohabit  and compliment each other. Whether your fusing visual arts with the written form, music, theater, or any other mix media art forms, I find the process and the results a delight.

It’s my pleasure to provide you with some amazing words of wisdom aphorisms, crafted by Marty Rubin, Mr. Nothingprofound. Here are some of his meditations on life.

Marty’s aphorisms are accompanied by my photography. Enjoy !!!

Experience for which there are no words get along fine without them.

Annapurna Sunrise

When in doubt, leap. One needs a little courage to live.

Spider Rock in Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

No river could flow if it had to know its destination first.

British Columbia River

You know you’re on the wrong track if you’re thinking too much.

Alaska Railroad Track

White sand, white foam, blue water. It’s not a fantasy, it’s real


There is music you never hear unless you play it yourself.

British Columbia sunset with Guitar

I have a bad memory. Every day seems new to me.


Nothing succeeds like indifference to success.

Vietnamese Siesta

The leaves on the water, the fog under the bridge. That’s what I believe in.


One must plant a seed and let “it” speak.



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6 Responses to Photographic Meditations

  1. Mike, thanks so much! I love the selection of aphorisms, and the photos are stunningly beautiful.

  2. C. Bosco says:

    These really do complement each other nicely. I especially like how the one about the leap and life are matched with a gaping chasm. cheers

  3. earthtoholly says:

    What a great idea! I love Marty’s aphorisms and your photos are gorgeous. A beautiful pairing.

  4. angelshair says:

    I love the way your works complement and highlight each other!!

    Marty is one of my favorite writer, and I have to say that your photos are amazing!

    Thank you for sharing your meditations!

  5. robert says:

    These photos are amazing. You should post more.

  6. timethief says:

    I am so puzzled. I thought T left a comment to tell you how wonderful I thought the collaboration between your gorgeous photos and nothingprofound’s aphorism’s was. Yet I cannot find such a comment. I was remiss in not telling you how much I appreciated Photographic Meditation I and II. Excellent work!

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